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10 ways Patanjali can get rid of Hindutva propaganda from its marketing manifesto

The 21st century, a period where products are patronized only by marketing, is hype or truth? Marketing plays an influential role in advancing and expanding the business. Marketing changes the perception of the consumer implementing the right product in the inadequacies and wants of the customers, rightly. Companies need to market their products globally or nationally to enlarge better market share. Patanjali, a leading FMCG company producing herbal products, is no exclusion to it. 

Patanjali started to reach the Indian people with the rise of the Yoga taught by Guru Ramdev. Following, with his skilled knowledge, based on ayurvedic science and ancient medical practices, he started providing in-house treatment for various diseases. Later on, the company began to diversify into multiple FMCG products like beauty products, toothpaste, shampoo, etc. Now the company has positioned itself as an organization promoting Hindutva in India along with the help of RSS. Both Patanjali and Baba Ramdev signify ‘Hindutva nationalism’ or ‘Hindu nationalism’ in India. It aims to unify and homogenize a set of practices enclosing food and wellness applications for the health of the nation. The company attempts to assert a unique somatic visualization, inspired by Hindutva’s beliefs, and endeavors the improvement of swadeshi products, as a devoted responsibility. However, this shift in its objective is hindering the growth of Patanjali, overseas.

An ideal system is where people embrace and strive for the development of the p,opulation. Patanjali highlighting a particular religion is playing games with the emotions of millions of people who admire the products yet, dodge it in terms of religious inclination. I believe you always need more than one strategy, and you need a policy for every given opportunity. With a strong belief to improve its policies, and view to aim the mass, rather than faith, it can exchange the sagacity of millions of people in no time.



Patanjali should focus more on the health benefits it provides through its products rather than on the Hindutva propaganda. Apart from 79.8 % of Hindus, the company is willingly missing the rest of the market and its potential. Such religious biases not only damage the market share from the minority group but also affects the current market share as the customer might find such biases unethical.


Patanjali can improve itself with the tagline- Make in India, and promote the growth opportunities open for the Indian bazaar. With the backing of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Campaign, for the use of Indian products all over the world, Patanjali can dominate the overseas market, only by a slight shift. During an interview, our Minister emphasized the production of Swadeshi products, and urged the political leadership of the country, to develop modern infrastructure, and stop using Chinese products. The air is whirling in a reverse direction. Besides the support of Modi-Swadeshi fans, non-religiously biased Patanjali fans will also encourage more consumption of Indian Products, and boost the production of efficacious goods in the country itself.


We can always merge technology with Ayurveda. Patanjali, being the leading FMCG Company, should use research and technology to develop new products, combining ayurvedic science with it. The change in concept will shift the Consumer perception from Hindutva, and forward AYUSH, focusing on authentic medicines discovered by our ancestors.


Millions of people heed Ram Dev Baba for all-natural treatments and health benefits. The cards turning in its favor, Patanjali has to take advantage of this trust and create a viral marketing campaign via social media. Promoting equality, no class system, and no religious evangelism, and starting campaigns and advertisements, such as ALL IN ONE, UNITY, EQUALITY, it can alter the feelings of the people digitally. Digital marketing trends like podcasting, chatbot marketing, voice/visual search optimization need to occupy the core stage, and magazines, televisions, and Billboards are other platforms for advertising health and equality.


Patanjali should expand its presence in the International Market as people globally are getting educated about the benefits of Indian herbs and research. Leader countries look forward to Indian health care brands that believe and produce herbal products. Patanjali is a brand that can have an International appeal due to its exotic outlook and in toxic benefits. However, it has restricted itself in the Indian market due to its prejudice promotions. Baba Ramdev has an international audience, and he can provide an incentive in regions where his biggest demographic center is located, like Nepal. Additionally, the company lacks the younger Indian demographic that is internet savvy, broad-minded, and technologically advanced, which is yet to be fulfilled.


Between April 2015 and July 2016, many complaints were recorded against Patanjali Ayurved Limited. Out of 33 advertisements, 25 were found to be violating the ASCI code, driving the company directly into the evil chapters. Even when the scientific community is struggling to develop an effective cure for the highly contagious disease, Patanjali recently launched a product that challenged to be the first ayurvedic medicine to cure COVID-19. Introducing the medicines at a press conference in Haridwar, Ramdev guaranteed a 100 percent recovery from COVID-19 within seven days of consuming the drug and also proclaimed that ‘Coronil’ and ‘Swasari’ had granted “100% favorable results during the clinical tests, on concerned victims. Despite the assertion that the medicine is not an immunity booster, but a coronavirus cure, the ministry’s Ayurveda department in Uttarakhand revealed that Patanjali’s application for the license, didn’t mention coronavirus. Soon, social media erupted Ramdev Baba for answers.


Patanjali should also enter into a joint venture with other companies, which will shift the focus of consumers from Hindutva. A joint venture will provide companies with the opportunity to gain new capacity and expertise. It will also enable companies to enter related businesses, or new geographic markets, and obtain access to modern technology. By providing an approach to more prominent sources, including specialized staff and technology, Patanjali will fly as a global brand.


Patanjali has always been an excellent educator to its customer, leading Guru Ramdev, and it needs to sustain that focus regularly so that learners and customers can acknowledge the virtue of natural and herbal products. Educating a customer about a product is an essential part of marketing, particularly for new launches that have no statusquo. Confining to this better marketing strategy to create awareness among people, the company will focus more on product specification and benefits, preferably than its other propagandas.


Indian citizens are growing more and more health-conscious. A recent study reveals that people are willing to take preventative measures to generate a healthy lifestyle rather than getting sick, possessing severe problems, and wasting their fortune in hospital bills. Patanjali’s modern approach, to draw patrons, by lowering the price and hype Hindutva, necessitates being changed to the advertising of health benefits provided by its’ products.


Patanjali offers a broad range of products in the market regularly. The entire product in the market is backed with a Hinduism campaign conceiving interference and biased viewpoints. Notwithstanding driving the products too frequently, if the company infuses its products with more health benefits and natural ingredients, it will create less confusion and get people relieved of the Hindutva propaganda.

The reaction to Ramdev’s launch of Coronil, which prerogatives to be a ‘cure’ for Covid-19, would be a nightmare for any further company but not Patanjali, though. This recent misleading advertisement has turned ups and downs on the Patanjali brand image and shook the trust of millions of people. Patanjali presently lacks the quality standards required by the international market. Consequently, If Patanjali sheds its’ Hindutva propaganda and focuses entirely on its shortcomings, it can surely ease the entire world with its knowledge and present a new approach to a therapeutic treatment.

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