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10 ways the world could avoid nuclear war

72 years ago, a Little Boy and a Fat Man caused a nuisance over Nagasaki and Hiroshima. The incident left the whole world in shock, the consequences of which we can feel even today. An unforgettable history of what a nuclear war can do has been traced in our hearts and printed in the books forever.

The possession of nuclear weapons has shown a different trajectory. Driven by conventional wisdom, one state’s nuclear acquisition instigates its adversaries to follow suit. And, following this trend, the world has acquired 13,410 nuclear weapons until today, amongst which thousands are on instantaneous alert.

If we notice, the one thing that often makes the headline in international news is the animosity between North Korea and the US. The strained relationship between the two countries is extreme, despite the geographical distance between the two nations. And, as per the recent news report, North Korea has warned to employ nuclear weapons against the United States. The danger is real, and we cannot take it on a lighter note.

Likewise, we can assume, Iran’s nuclear program, by the rise in the potential conventional threat, to the country by the US. The consequences could be a trigger alert for the world already struggling with the Covid-19 pandemic and depressed economy.

I can feel the high probability of the nuclear war, which could devastate the entire humanity.

As Ronald Reagan rightly puts it, “A nuclear war cannot be won and must never be fought”. A pre-hand measure taken appropriately could go on a long way to make our world a safer place and stave off the threat of nuclear catastrophe.

  1. Adopt a policy of ‘NO first use’

Nuclear weapons are solely for deterrence. It should be used as retaliation, only if we feel endangered, and the Government drops the matter out of their hands. The doctrine of ‘No first use commits a country to never use nuclear weapons in a first place in a conflict. Countries like China, India has adopted this policy. It helps to reduce the number of scenarios that would result in the accidental or purposeful use of nuclear weapons. This policy is vital to the future of global nuclear disarmament.

  1. Alert and Knowledgeable Citizenry

We do not live in a world where one person possesses the power to end the entire life on earth. All the citizens must be aware of the dependencies of nuclear weapons, and authority who are responsible should make wise decisions. No country should use its nuclear power without the approval of other influential people like the opposition parties, policymakers, etc. who shall take a holistic look at the conclusion. It may so appear that Donald trump launches a nuclear war as quickly as he sends a tweet. Thus, mutual consent holds a deep significance.

  1. Addressing the nuclear issue in a wider sense

The nuclear concern is as imperative as the effects of racial justice, climate change, and extreme inequality. Thus, we must integrate it into these growing movements. Nuclear war is dangerous, and the prospect of a nuclear war is more likely than it was in the cold war. Hence, we must protest it for the sake of humanity.

  1. Eliminate land-based ballistic missiles

Land-based ballistic missiles are more vulnerable to attack as opposed to the submarine-based weapons. It will provide substantial firepower to deter a nuclear strike. These missiles could be used only after an attack has been confirmed, annihilating the short decision time that increases the chance of an accidental war.

  1. The campaign against nuclear violence

There are several organizations like the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN), Beyond the Bomb, and Peace Action, etc. which are working relentlessly on the local, state, and national levels to avert nuclear war and stop the morally bankrupt and exploitative system that support these horrific weapons.

  1. 6. Investment on human needs

Did you know that the United States spends $1.7 trillion in nuclear weapons? It is a massive figure which only serves to eternize the status quo. It would be rational and wiser to invest in the upliftment of human civilization rather than on these weapons of mass destruction.

  1. Promote diplomacy through dialogue

The political diplomacy that we can sustain through dialogue can keep the world safer from nuclear threats. The Trump administration’s role in diplomacy with North Korea is encouraging. However, The Government should make efforts to ensure that countries keep nuclear weaponry only as self-defense and don’t use it in minor conflicts. Nevertheless, Cooperation is always a wirier force than violence.

  1. A rise in Superfund Support

There is a large amount of toxic waste left from the production and testing of nuclear weapons. These waste cause devastating harm to humans and the environment. Thus, the government must prioritize funding the cleanup of such waste. Further, the need to allocate a higher amount of funds for such a purpose might discourage such activities.

  1. Disarmament of nuclear weapons

It is vital to perceive significant efforts to promote Nuclear Disarmament. For instance, the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) regulates non-nuclear weapon state parties from producing nuclear weapons. The expansion of weaponry by following the steps of other countries is only a means to encourage nuclear intimidations.

  1. Ban on Nuclear Weapons

The most realistic approach to preventing nuclear war is to eliminate nuclear weapons. The countries should consider Nuclear weapons to be a liability rather than an asset. There are countries like South Africa, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Belarus, etc. which have abandoned the entire nuclear program. I believe, we can destroy a problem only if we cut the cause from its rhizomes, this will add a little inspiration for future despots to forego their atomic dreams.

All these recommendations can help turn the tide against the threat of nuclear war. There is a need to awake, to stop the world light on fire. Co-operation and community are the basis of human civilization. Hence, we must sustain harmonious relations and protect our world from devastation.

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