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10 ways to become a part of loop giveaways on Facebook

10 ways to become a part of loop giveaways on Facebook

Are you looking for a new way to widen the popularity of your Facebook page?

Are you wondering whether collaborating with other Facebook pages will help?

If you are on Facebook, you must have come across the term ‘Loop Giveaways’ but have wondered how does this help. If yes, then let me explain what it is and how does it work to create magic for you.

A loop giveaway is an interactive method to gain likes or followers and raise brand awareness on Facebook. If you want to create the loop, there must be an agreement between several businesses to host the giveaway on their respective Facebook pages. Each of the businesses which have accepted to host will direct their audience to the several participating pages, and ultimately, the participants will revert to the page they had started from after they finish their work. In this way, a loop is generated. Each page selects a winner for a prize to create excitement and interest among the participants.

Undoubtedly, loop giveaways are one of the best, highly effective, and original way to get a real fan base on Facebook.

If you are pondering over the idea of creating your loop giveaway, consider the following points.

  1. Choose the business correctly.

While looking for collaboration with other Facebook pages, you need to analyze whether the businesses are in line with your business locally or according to the mission, industry, or the size of the audience. A thorough look over the business actions will help you gain a good future association.

  1. Specify the type of prize.

Whenever you prepare for a loop giveaway, each page must choose a winner and offer some prize. Hence, you must be specific about the type of reward each page is committed to giving away. Titles should be selected in a way that has a universal appeal and provides substantial value to the target audience. Going after a lavish prize may not be worth in terms of return on investment.

  1. Decide the duration of the loop.

When you think of a loop giveaway, it is crucial to decide the period till which you will manage it. You need to decide a fixed date, length of time and starting time and end time on a constant basis. Normally, the period of 3 days is a good time frame considering the grip of the audience on the post.

  1. Focus on nitty-gritty details.

We need to consider that businesses are likely to participate in loop giveaways with leaders who have detailed plans and are well-organized rather than general people. So, you should take some time to organize important details, instead of hopping to the inner part itself. When you discuss the details with other page owners, they have a clear picture of how things work. A little feedback is okay, but you have to do the main task.

  1. Create a detailed layout.

When you work out with all the details, create an organized chart sheet to present the other businesses. When businesses are in alignment with your brand, this chart will reduce the cases of vagueness and provide clarity on how to implement things.

  1. Be specific of the number of pages to involve.

Remember, as the number of pages increases, it will be more time-consuming for you as the leader of the loop.  A range of 7-10 pages is enough. A limited number of business pages involved will ease out the process for the leader and maintain symmetry. And, will encourage your target audience to participate for the prizes, but will not take up a large amount of their time.

  1. Provide clear instructions for the participating pages.

In order to make sure that the loop goes off without a hitch, you need to clear direction about the loop to every page that participates in the loop. They must be informed about the order of the loop, text for the post, ideas for the promotion of the loop, and the method to pick and announce the winner.

  1. Promote the post once it is live.

You should explore all the possible platforms like  Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, etc. to promote your loop giveaway, to the fullest. You must also ensure that it turns to be an advantage for everybody involved. You can also use the graphics on Facebook to post about your loop giveaways. Promotion is the best way to keep the thrill alive.

  1. Selection of the winner.

Once the loop giveaway is over, you need to pick the winner. The selection should be random and not likely to be in favor of anyone. After the determination of the winner, you need to have a cross-check whether the participant went through all requirements. Then you need to reach the winner for the delivery of the prize. The list of the winners must be posted through a post, which will give a clear picture to all the participants involved.

  1. Ask for feedback.

After the entire process is over, you need to focus on the most critical part. You can do so after one week or so. But this should not be neglected at any cost. Getting feedback from all the participants and other audiences will show how far you have succeeded. You must be doing the math by assessing the rise in the number of your audience. Most importantly, you require to check with other participating businesses whether they gained or lost through this venture.

Facebook is not only about having a chat with your friend or posting pictures or videos. It has more to it. Through this Facebook giveaway loop, you can set a perfect platform to engage and aware of your target audience.  If you are not sure of advertising offline, this is the best way to set your business apart, employ a new audience, create buzz, and establish mutual relationships with other businesses on Facebook.

So next time, someone asks you not to waste your time on Facebook, remind them about this business trick.





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