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10 ways to become a part of loop giveaways on Instagram

Are you on Instagram, is one of the most common questions we might have come across many times? And, if our answer is no, we are implicitly deemed to belong to the Stone Age. Whenever we start a conversation with a new person, the Instagram topic is very comfortable, and we get more affectionate, naturally by watching one other on Instagram. The reach of Instagram has spread its wings to such an extent that it has more than one billion users and massive user engagement levels.

Apart from this, our acceptance or popularity is solely dependent upon the number of followers of our account. The one who doesn’t want to be admired or popular? Also, almost 80 percent of accounts are following a business on Instagram. Hence, it seems like a perfect place for marketers than to get acquainted with Instagram for their business.

Instagram loop giveaways are one such tactic for faster follower growth. They are contests that provide a huge prize, but for that, you need to follow a high number of Instagram accounts to enter.

So, if you desire to have a successful Instagram account, running contests is an excellent place to start.

In this post, we will explore how you can, use the Instagram loop giveaways to raise the number of followers, and in turn, create brand awareness for your business. Let’s begin!

  1. Specify a theme for the contest.

You can select a particular theme that you wish to work on to raise your business awareness. The descriptions can vary accordingly; some special days like Valentine’s Day, a goods type like accessories, food, etc, and can hold certain company types like handmade products, female-owned shops, etc. So, If you pick a background or base, you will be able to reach more people.

  1. Choose an interesting prize.
  2. Choose an interesting prize.

If you are hosting a giveaway, you must have a prize. You need to make sure the reward you give is something relevant to your target market, or in alignment with the plan. By doing this, you will draw more people connected to the point of the competition. So, don’t go crazy – strike something exciting and reasonable to your ideal audience.

  1. Write a clear and detailed description.

When you are writing the description for the contest, it must include, rules of the competition, eligibility criteria, the offered prize, deadline, date of announcement of the result, and other details. Guidelines will make it easy for you to abide by the promotion guidelines of Instagram. Make sure the instructions of your contests are simple and short to understand.

The basic Instagram giveaway structure is to ask all participants to follow your account, like the post, and tag at least two friends in the comment section.

  1. Promotion is the key.

Creating a post may attract some participants but, if you want to reach the broadest range of people, you should promote it relentlessly. You can do so by mentioning your giveaway before it happens. Keep that thrill and excitement alive. You can also post stories on your timeline before, during, and after the competition, to keep your audience engaged. You can also send an email to your list to remind them about the giveaway loops and to ramp up even more entries.

  1. Maintain touch with the accounts.

We need to send personal messages to the followers of our account and guide them about the process of participation. We should also message everyone with the date and time of the beginning and end of the giveaway. The exact data for participation is essential, If we miss mentioning properly, we may have broken the loop. We require keeping nudging the participants by sharing details of the contest.

  1. Be wary of the use of hashtags.

Do not randomly post any hashtags or hashtags which are common. It misguides the followers and leaves your followers confused. Hashtags such as giveaway or giveaway contest are used in almost all giveaways. Therefore, it will be difficult for people to find your specific account through hashtags. Also, it does not help you attract your target market.

  1. Post a picture to state that the contest is over.

Even if you have mentioned the date and time of the ending of the contest, make sure to remind them again with a simple post. Doing this will remove, suspicions if any, in the mind of the followers. Also, it will reveal our organizational skills.

  1. Be fair while choosing the winner.

Once the contest ends, you need to select a winner to encourage the followers. The results should not be biased while deciding the winner to be announced. You can put them into a random dynamo, to find the winner. Verifying whether the chosen winner has ensued all the steps is another critical task. Once you select the winner, contact them to arrange the delivery of their prize. After that, you require to announce the winner through a post. Doing so will not leave the participants in a dilemma. A good shout outpost to the winner will boost the confidence of other participants as well.

  1. Get a feedback.

Even after the contest is over, you should get in touch with the participating accounts to gather feedback. Ask them for new ideas to make the process even more seamless. Giveaway loops are not only about gaining followers for a short period. It is about maintaining a large pool of customers to raise your brand awareness. Reaching out to the participants, and asking feedback from this, will help you to build trust and establish relations, with the new followers.

  1. Examine the results.

At the weekend of the contest, estimate the gain and loss from the initiative. Have a clear view of the number of followers added, your cost per follower, and most importantly, was this worth of your time and money? All this will provide you a clear picture of your investment.

So, next time, if you decide to host or participate in a loop giveaway on Instagram, do follow the above steps. It may sound lengthy and include time commitment, which is true if you do it for the first time. But, everything is worth it, once the results are out.

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