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10 Ways to become a social media star

Stardom! Fame! Recognition!

Who doesn’t crave to be famous? In the era led by social media influencers, living a life of anonymity is perceived as a curse. There have been instances when people went viral instantly and obliviously. But isn’t waiting for that one-in-a-million chance of going viral, annoying and frustrating? Isn’t it better to start on the right foot to begin your journey than waiting to be launched into fame accidentally?

Take your internet stardom in your own hands and drive the social media crazy with your performance. With the right hook and a correct strategy, anyone with a clear mindset has fat chances of becoming a social media sensation.

Know your Niche:

Passion combined with Knowledge attracts followers. They say, “Do what you love, Love what you do.”Having expertise in something lets you have a hand at the content in the future. Interest in a field help generate ideas needed to be a successful influencer. If you have something new and extraordinary to share, nothing can stop your growth. Stick to your niche to leverage your expertise and emerge as a thought leader in the field.

Optimize your profile:


Prefer an optimized profile based on a theme over a generalized one. It becomes easier to cultivate a specific and ardent audience. Direct the energy on a selected platform instead of posting haywire. Profile optimization might be time-consumingbut with a little prioritizing and organization, you can save time tomorrow. Your social media profile is a perceived reflection of your personality.

Keep your profile photo consistent on every network and post an optimal sized image. A professional bio lets your potential audience evaluate you and decide if you’re worth spending time on. Use popular keywords and hash tags for search engine optimization.


Select a social media platform:


Choose what you are good at Write-ups, videos, blogs, or animation. Not all platforms are suitable for all kind of content.

Facebook has a limited reach to your friends, family and colleagues. You may need to work hard to get a more comprehensive range of audience. Even then, it isn’t one of the best platforms to get money and fame.

Youtube is excellent at gaining public attention. People recognize you, and you have all the creative freedom as speech reaches the sentiments better than words.

Twitter lets you gain followers quickly, but You won’t start earning before hitting a million followers. Also, twitter is more business-oriented. Experts have an active twitter indulgence; hence, you need strong content for which knowledge is a must.

Instagram shines through in this list, owing to its 1 billion active users. It has taken over Facebook in recent times. Instagram lets you post photographs, IGTV videos with a decent length, stories, highlights, etc. It is popular among the younger clad and is a great medium to get along with your followers. Sure, Instagram can make you famous and reap the right amount of money.


Stay Genuine:


The significant difference between TV personalities and Social media influencers is the reflection of real personalities of social media stars.

Online fans like it when people act genuinely in the content that they create. The more genuine you are, the more organic followers you get. People expect you to be vocal on social and political issues also. Diplomatic views on vital issues can create a negative impact because your fans look up to you as an inspiration. New-age India perceives social media influencers as their role models. To be a star, you have to behave like one. Take responsibility for your actions, have an opinion, and influence people.


Participate in massively popular conversations with hashtags:

Use a mix of topically relevant and trending, super-popular hashtags wherever possible for every post. Specific hashtags are longtail keywords that show intent and help in finding the right people, but the universally trending hashtags get you in the forefront. You need both to make it big and buzzing on a platform.


Be part of the Community:

Within each social media platform, is imbibed a community where people Interact, inspire, influence, and grow together. Support others in their social media journey and get reciprocated. Leave genuine comments on new channels, support them to grow, and inspire each other. Being a part of the community puts you with the responsibility of encouraging new talents.


Create a Kickback or Giveaway:

Share your subscriber goals enthusiastically with the public. Post your goals to the public to make them participate in your journey to stardom.

Whether it relates to Weight Management, or be it a new venture you are looking forward to in life, you share it with the community. Then why should not the subscriber counts be shared? Give them a chance to motivate you.

  • First Identify your subscriber count
  • Identify your subscriber goal
  • Pick something fun or unique that you will do once you reach the desired count of subscribers (e.g., a free giveaway, a dance, a house tour, a payoff, gifts, etc.)
  • Share your goal (and your kickback) with the world.


Retain high-quality content consistently:

Social media is a full-time job; posting once in a fortnight can reduce followers in no time. Maintaining consistency and quality is an art to be aced. A worthwhile content gains all the attention than a sub-par delusional media.


Master network marketing:

Extensively promote your content over each platform in your reach. Ask your followers to spread awareness about your domain if they like your content. Make use of a tagline, or a keyword just as the YouTube Catchphrase “Don’t forget to like, subscribe, and share! Press the bell icon to never miss an update.”


Social media is an evolving landscape where plucking the fruit of fame requires an accurate target. It is probable but not plain sailing.

Plan, Post, and Promote.

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