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10 ways to become a topmost social media influencer

Have you ever noticed a funny thing, at times we keep scrolling through our social media posts endlessly, without having any idea of why we are doing so? We do it even when we don’t like scrolling randomly. Why? Because our brain can’t help the action. It is a magical trick played by Social media behemoths to suck us and make billions of dollars by it. We are addicted to our social media designations to such an extent that millennials have come up with the name ‘Digital detox’ to take a recess from it.

Also, there is an assumption that technology and the associated use of social media are inherently harmful. But this perception can be reversed if we start using social media more intentionally. We can turn the clock around by molding the social media platforms to our advantage. By picking a platform like being an online influencer, we can make social media work for us, and our productivity, instead of engaging us.  We will feel like a celebrity in the digital world. If you are genuinely interested to be a social media influencer, here are some tips you can follow:

  1. Learn to brand yourself

An influencer’s brand is itself. We need to be aware of our qualities and take measures to expertise them. We should be well versed with the 3 C’s of branding, consistency, constancy, and clarity. There should be consistency in our thought process, and we should not sugarcoat things that we do not consider in.  There are successful influencers who brand themselves in simple ways like separating their professional influencer account from their account, which helps them gain a separate identity.

  1. Have a clear understanding of our audience.

We must invest a considerable amount of time and effort into finding our target audience. Once we recognize them, we have a fair idea of what type of content we should focus on creating. For better understanding, we can analyze the data on blogs or social media profiles. And, then personalize every group we come across to. We should also try to ensure that our future content is valuable to people reading it.

  1. Create an insightful content

After having a clear understanding of our audience, we need to create content that is valuable to them. The content need not be anything extraordinary but something relatable yet so insightful. The idea will help to gather a large volume of audience.

  1. Maintain consistency in social media.

If we want to reach the audience, then we should be active on social media regularly. Posting about something once in a fortnight, may hide our post and put our profile in debris. Effective use of social media will help us to develop connections with our followers, and also help to join new people to increase the number of our followers.

  1. Get in touch with other influencers

We need not worry if we have not been able to establish ourselves as an influencer yet. A smart idea to grab a platform is to stay in touch with other established ones. We will have an in-depth experience of how people act and additionally gain the spotlight. Collaboration needs not necessarily be, within our domain, we can, however, learn the art of inspiring others, trusting us.

  1. Use your voice for the right cause

Innumerable people are active on social media. It is the hotspot for almost all the happenings in the world. If we become active participants, we can strongly influence the users of social media. We can use this platform to spread positivity, and aware people, of real news, backed up by data and facts.  Issues like climate change, fake news, etc. should be recognized, and we should step forward to open up for the right cause that serves humanity.

  1. Keep it real and authentic.

It may so happen that our profile affirms, of a vegan label, but we post a picture having a non-vegetarian meal. The misguiding post leaves the audience disconnected, and we ultimately lose trust and respect. Always be creative, unique, and original in posting social media content, which will help to gain respect and integrity in the long term.

  1. Acknowledge and appreciate people.

Since we are an influencer, our audience is our asset. The objective is not to gather a large number of followers but to make a positive difference in their lives. We should always express gratitude for their words of appreciation, which serves to build relationships and trust with our audience.

  1. Learn to say NO.

Never forget that honesty is always the best policy. We should not accept every offer we get If we are not sure whether or not we will be able to follow through the brand’s requests and be vocal about it. It is okay to say that we may not post a product in our timeline if we are not sure about it. To earn the trust of brands, we must follow them if we believe their worth not because we are getting paid for it.

  1. Keep up with the trends.

This is the age where things can go viral at any moment. We must be fully aware of the things that are happening and gaining popularity. There were trends of hashtags, emoji, etc. that flooded the internet and were a massive success in the past. Likewise, trends of organic products, printed masks, etc. have dominated the market. Be creative with your thoughts and make it relevant to the trends.

With these tips, at our fingertips, we will not regret the time we invest in our social media affairs.  Apart from this, being a social influencer is not only about honor and money, it is more of a responsibility. We cannot simply post or tweet something biased, and may impact somebody’s life physically or mentally. Everybody is facing their share of struggles. Let’s be rational enough to inspire and spread love and laughter.

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