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Bring Down the Statues to Save India from Political Terrorism

Yes, the right time to unveil the national terrorist is here

Because unveiling statues is not enough.

Politics and current affairs have always been a matter of concern for our country. No matter which party, peace has not restored the way it could have been. Congress had been robbing India for a decade, and now the ruling party has learned a lot from the mistakes of its rival party, so it plans to poison the people and kill them silently, rather than announcing a rob or threat. With the same intentions, death of peace, freedom, and economy, the leaders of today have become a threat for tomorrow.

We know India has always been an emotional country, and not a practical one. However, a country is merely a shadow of its people. The leaders have well-built strategies to use emotional fools like us wisely to their benefits. You speak a word facing them, and they seize your freedom, you come on roads for your rights, and they announce curfews, you talk about the economy, they talk about renovating the country. These leaders ruling the country consider themselves to be patriotic and nationalist, but in reality, they are nothing more than national terrorists.

One nation, one religion is reckoned to be the motto of every country. The religion of humanity is above all religions. Notwithstanding, our leaders threatened the secular and comprehensive nature of the political system and caused a major crack between the two loving religions, Hindu and Muslims. Was it imperative for the leaders to declare India a Hindu Nation, or was it a plan to rule the people and not nation? India’s only Muslim-majority state, Jammu and Kashmir, was abruptly stripped of its basic political rights, Assam which had nearly two million Muslim immigrants from the colonial era, were left without citizenship of any country and, the cruel Citizenship Amendment Act ultimately caused terror and riots nationwide for all Hindus and Muslims. These decisions shook the world as a whole and people who protested faced police violence. Is this what we call democracy, to the people, for the people, and by the people? No, this is national terrorism.

Isn’t it the liability of the leaders to bring peace and harmony in the country? In the pretext of what they have been chosen to do, they are taking actions to trick us. Proceeding country tours, delivering speeches on friendship and, peace is good but, what about unity when it comes to reality. First Pakistan, then china, and now Nepal, how many more enemies do we make? Is this what the real Hindu dharma calls for? Our ancestors have always believed in making peace and unity. We hear regularly about brothers fighting for a piece of land that is never to go with them, nations doing the same is shameful. The leaders are ready to break down institutional safeguards. They are so keen to accomplish their populist agenda that they have ignored the rights of minorities and critics. Trusting a boastful leader of a foreign country and abusing our neighbors is what the leaders consider as a victory. Showing our strength in terms of arms, ammunition, and soldiers to underdeveloped nations are no-win. The real win is solving matters and bringing serenity and love.

From the fastest growing economy to the slow down, the leaders charge the people of India for the drastic shift in the economy. According to MR. Rajiv Kumar, head of Niti Aayog, India has not faced such a situation in the past 70 years of its independence. But why are only we answerable for all that is happening inside the country? Our leaders asked us for modernization, to do everything sitting at home, and now when we are comfortable with online transactions and purchases, they blame us for not showing on the streets and supporting local vendors. They directed a path of growth during demonetization, and when we followed, they found a cause to conceal their mistakes. What kind of guidance is this? The leaders do not speak of the crisis in demand for exported goods, they are numb on the fact that poor growth plans and disputes with neighbors have led India to this puddle and not just the country’s consuming power.  All of us need to know this certainty.

Lockdown is a period to support, love, and be loved and, to spend time with family and friends. Aren’t the leaders replicating this fakeness again and again? Nevertheless, the wider picture is unseen and hidden as always. We all have heard about the laborers bearing the weight of CoVID-19, but what we do not know is all the classes of people are suffering yet praising their leaders for protecting them. What kind of justice was provided by the capital’s leader for restricting the treatment of people from outside Delhi, to Delhi hospitals, during this pandemic? Should have they brought more sufferings than the locals? If COVID-19 doesn’t discriminate against people before taking their lives, how wise are the leaders to make this arbitrary, unconstitutional, and inhuman decision?

There is a difference in what we know and what we believe. What we believe is what we are made to believe by our leaders and, what we know is the truth, the truth that they are not feeding our country but their self-ego. People are dying more of hunger than COVID-19. But what we are told is the figures and not the cause behind it. We need not believe them anymore.

Now or never, let’s hear the voice within us. There is no Bhagat Singh or another freedom fighter to rise for us. Let’s stand for ourselves. It’s time we bring down statues of the leaders and unveil the faces hidden behind the masks of nationalism. These leaders are not national tigers but clever foxes to have ruined the foundation of our existence. We need to free our country, save India.

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