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Civil liberty acts in America need a shakeup in light of Black Lives Matter Protests

The United States of America has made its place as the most powerful nation in the world. It is one of the most developed nations which have military and economic control over different nations of the world.  No matter how much improvement had the United States made in a long period after its freedom from the Britishers, the topic arises whether the people in the United States are moderately educated and are enjoying their powers or not?

Let us elaborate on the above question by discussing some facts and historical incidents that took place in the United States.  In today’s world, when people migrate from one country to another country and settle down there for business, job, or their development, a period of 5-10 years (varies with different countries) is required to receive the citizenship of the country. Legally, all the rights of that country can be obtained after staying there for such a long period. Astonishingly, the African-American got their citizenship in 1968 even when they arrived in America in 1916. This was a very long period for the people to be a legal citizen of the country after their arrival. For the first time when Bill of Rights was proposed, Alexander Hamilton in White House made a statement, “Why to declare those things which shall not be done, when there is no power to do?” This question reflected violations of the rights of people by the federal government. After this incident, several amendments were made in the Bill of Rights which specifies particular rights that individuals hold against the federal government. Myriad rights such as Right to Speech, Right to Privacy, Right to equality, and different others were introduced to the civil society.

The rights provided in the Bill of Rights were for the interest of people but, the federal government came up as a threat to these rights. It is the greatest threat in America that the civil liberties of people are often ignored due to which liberties of people are lost. Americans do not have an impression of how many privileges they have lost since the time of the Civil war, until this point in time. If we start making a list, it shall take the shape of a book.  Freedom of civil society is threatened by the people seeking power, wealth, or some specific purpose. The American Constitution was designed to constrain the use of power to protect freedom of civil society, but with the passing time, and increasing greed of people for the power, it was misinterpreted and misused for self-gain.

Abraham Lincoln, one of the most prominent presidents of the United States, had gone through several miseries in his life. His miseries were there from the civil community. As he was a native African-American, he and his family were not treated equally. There was a right-wing conservative conception in the society which did not consider black people as part of their society. There had been discrimination between black and white; black people were not allowed to enjoy all the rights that white people had full access to enjoy. But this segregation was controlled when Mr. Abraham Lincoln became THE PRESIDENT OF the United States.

The term freedom/liberty is a cognitive term. It can’t be felt physically. It is in our thoughts and spirits. It is the perception of what we can do and what we cannot. In other words, it can also be related to the mentality of the people. With the passing time in America’s history, many reforms and amendments in the Bill of rights were made but several people in society are not able to change their perceptions with the change in reforms. These people are at present becoming a threat to society and the freedom of civil society. A truly newest case of George Perry Floyd can be considered. George Perry Floyd was shot by a Minneapolis Police officer on the 25th of May 2020, during an arrest. He was an African-American who grew up in Houston, Texas.  He was a football and basketball player at his college. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he was arrested for allegedly using counterfeit money to buy cigarettes and was killed by a white officer.  This incident raised the level of hatred in every African-American’s body. There were questions in people’s minds about their safety; do they have all rights to liberty in the United States of America or, are they under some kind of threat? It was all because; the crime of George Perry Floyd was not that severe that he would have been killed by a police officer, not even the judiciary would have him sentenced to death for such offense. The situation became worse when people did not care about the COVID-19 pandemic and, headed open in streets in almost every part of the country, to protest against the incident which took place in Minnesota, and demand the existing Trump government about their safety. This incident was not the first of its kind in the United States. Many such incidents did take place in the past and people know if they do not stand up today, these incidents will happen again and again in the coming future.

Thus, it can be well said that the threat of freedom can be dismantled from the civil society by eliminating the thought of racism, differences, and ill mentality from the minds of people. Rulers and governments come and go but people shall remain the same. The difference in society the common people can make, no government or ruler can alone do. There should be a feeling of acceptance towards others, and peace and harmony should be planted in society. We humans, whoever we are, from wherever we are, whatever be our race, caste, color, or native, should bind ourselves under the roof of humanity and should have respect towards each other. Such a feeling within us will encourage us to leave in peace and prosper in the society we live in.





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