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What does the suicide of Sushant Singh Rajput teach Indians about Bollywood?

The whole country is burning in the panic of COVID_19 and, the sudden demise of Sushant Singh, a bright star, has added oil to flames. The only thought of this unpleasant incident leaves us all in shivers, accepting the truth is thorny. Even though the young actor was successful and at great heights, he dared to apart himself from this world. Did he feel that heaven would be more peaceful?

Was this the only option left?

Each one of us is now asking ourselves, what is that took his life? Well, the burden of death is less painful than the betrayal of our closed ones. The moment when; opened eyes have blurry visions of hurt and hatred, we prefer loneliness over gatherings, we miss our loved ones but opt staying alone, thoughts of independence clouds over our mind, breathing is suffocating, our soul is caged and, the key is found nowhere, with closed ears we hear our voice everywhere, then ultimately God lights a path to chase, the path to freedom. Likely, he experienced this the moment he decided to hold the hands of the angels of death.

What went wrong with him?

When we are young our fate is decided by our parents, however, in our adulthood, we might go against their decisions because self- decisions are no burden over mind and soul.  This was the mistake the young actor made chasing his dreams. He knew he was overprotected all through his life, but nevermore knew the dark side of the Bollywood. He was intelligent, social, and, emotional but lacked adaptability. The art of accepting changes was difficult than masking himself in the characters he played to disguise the world. He boldly talked about his weaknesses in his speeches and interviews because he wanted to be understood. He always feared to make any statement that may bring his future into trouble.

Like all middle-class Indian families, he dreamed to own a nice bungalow, chic car, branded clothes, but never knew the cost to be paid. The more closely he got to fame; he realized the importance of peace.  Sushant Singh had again and again mentioned in his interviews that; he was an introvert and wanted his people more than anyone else, he wanted to trust and to be loved, and facing an open world was only possible with help. Leaving behind his family and friends, he had adopted Bollywood as his new family but his chosen new family ignored it. Rather than welcoming him with open arms, Bollywood bullied him for not carrying the inherited blood of acting.

Are Kangana Ranaut and Koena Mitra fair enough to criticize the industry for the star’s death?

To be honest, after the videos of the two most daring actresses, I realize how painful it is to get fame. Do stars struggle this hard, only to get a slammed door on their face? I had heard a lot many times, that Bollywood raises you to fame only to burn you down to ashes, but today I see it, feel it. We as Indians need to learn that a fairy tale living doesn’t exist. That Bollywood is biased like any other platform. “That one day”, when it comes, doesn’t always have a happy ending. According to a survey by WHO, India is declared as the most depressed country in the world. But why, we all know the answer to this; unwanted expectations.

The dark picture; lessons to be learned

Famous Bollywood stars that we all Indians look like our God and are worshipped in many homes are not that genuine and true. They are ready to trade their souls in exchange for a fair value in terms of money and come back. Amish Patel fell in the hands of politics and gave false statements just to ensure she is heavily paid. Another famous Bollywood star Vivek Oberoi, who still stands with a huge fan following is to be featured in the most political propaganda film and misguide his followers to a path he doesn’t even himself find to be correct. All that concerns him is his acting to the field. Tisca Chopra, Mahima Choudhary, Kailash Kher, Jackie Shroff, Shakti Kapoor, etc,  the loved faces of Bollywood are only concerned about their bank balance and do not fear to deliver avowals which might influence the mass and cause a false illusion of current political party. Are we worshipping idols or devils in disguise?

Bollywood has several struggling actresses who have been asked to barter their bodies for a simple role in films or ads. Some of them made it a habit and those who rebelled never showed a comeback. Is it open rape? Is it seriously necessary to lead a path that shall give you nothing but pain all your life? Indians need to know self-respect is seen in the mirror and not screens.

Varun Dhawan was awarded the best actor for his acting skills in the movie, Badrinath ki Dulhaniya, despite his failed acting skills, only because he legally belonged to the family of Bollywood, whereas, Sushant Singh was never presented any awards. We all know how good an actor he was. He was boycotted from the industry, never called to parties, just because he was a so-called small actor. Will you still wish to look forward to Bollywood after the clear example set by this young actor?

Why pursue a vision that has no wisdom in it?

Bollywood movies might end in 3 hours but this is never-ending. We, humans, are ill, some physically and some mentally. Nevertheless, we try to be strong because we fear our society and losing our people and, yet we overlook that we drop ourselves while safeguarding this terror. In the end, it kills us. “Humko man ki shakti dena man Vijay kare” is a famous song that each one must have heard or sung during school days. This song is sung as prayers in many schools in our country but never practiced in real life. We seek the blessings of God to enlighten our way, make us reliable in our journey, and worship ourselves before others. Still, when we chose to do so, we are criticized throughout our lives.


All this starts and ends with us.  Let no one be the reason for our despair and stop this cycle of illusions. There is no blame game. We come into the world and shall leave it one day. Every picture shall fade but what goes with us is the amount of happiness we collect in our journey. Ask yourself, can anyone be in harmony with no one to yield their joy? Try to collect love and memories by spreading kindness. Bollywood is no doubt a platform that has settled dreams of thousands but at the cost of what is only known to them.

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